What is Cognitive Coaching℠ ?


What is Cognitive Coaching?

Cognitive Coaching℠  is a process, a set of strategies, and a way of thinking that supports the ongoing development of individuals and organizations, as they become  increasingly self-directed and reflective. Cognitive Coaching℠ was founded by Dr. Robert Garmston and Dr. Arthur Costa, professors emeriti, California State University.   

Enhancing Teacher Performance

Cognitive Coaching℠  is a powerful approach to enhancing teacher performance. At the heart of this training is the concept that we all have resources that enable us to grow and change from within. The person being coached, not the coach, evaluates what is good or poor, appropriate or inappropriate, effective or ineffective about his/her work. 

A Research-Based Model

 Research has shown Cognitive Coaching℠ produces real, time-tested results, including: 

  • Increased student learning
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Higher satisfaction with teaching
  • More reflection and complex thinking
  • More professional school cultures
  • Higher levels of teacher collaboration

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