Configure Training to Meet Your Needs


How do you want your training delivered?

Cognitive Coaching Seminars® Foundation Training is an eight-day training generally conducted over the course of several months, or even longer. It can be delivered in flexible formats depending on the needs of the agency. 

Agendas for Days 1–4 includes the Planning Conversation Map and the Reflecting Conversation Map as well as the tools of Cognitive Coaching℠. Days 5–8 provide for skill refinement and understanding of the Problem-Resolving Map.

more about the coaching maps

Configuration 1


  • Days 1 and 2 consecutively, Days 3 and 4 consecutively spaced over one school year
  • Days 5 and 6 consecutively, Days 7 and 8 consecutively spaced over a second school year

Configuration 2

  •  Days 1 through 8 presented consecutively in two-day blocks in one school year 

Configuration 3


  • Days 1-3 (sometimes offered as a summer institute)
  • Days 4 and 5
  • Days 6-8

Other Configurations

Other configurations are possible. Talk with Loretta to explore other ideas.