Cognitive Coaching℠ Maps and Tools


3 Maps: CC Conversation Structures offered in the 8-Day CC Foundation Training


  • THE PLANNING CONVERSATION: This conversation structure allows an individual to mentally rehearse an upcoming lesson, event,or project to gain greater specificity and refinement in thinking. 

  • THE REFLECTING CONVERSATION: This conversation structure allows an individual to mentally edit a past lesson, event, or project to analyze, identify personal learning, and apply to new situations 


  • THE PROBLEM-RESOLVING CONVERSATION: This conversation structure, based on neuroscience, is designed to support thinking when an individual is experiencing high emotion, feeling stressed, “stuck,” or struggling with a problem. Rather than offering solutions, the coach assists the individual in accessing high level thinking and internal resources, previously unavailable.  


4 Tools of Cognitive Coaching℠

  • RAPPORT: Trust is necessary for individuals to dare to risk and be vulnerable to learning and growth. The first CC tool, rapport, can be established in the moment, and with rapport, trust develops over time.

  • PARAPHRASING: Before posing a question, rephrasing what has been said, purposefully targeting one of three types (Acknowledging, Organizing, and Abstracting)

  • PAUSING:Offering intentional wait time to allow the both the coach and coachee to access their best thinking

  • POSING MEDIATIVE QUESTIONS: Questions crafted intentionally by the coach to engage and transform thinking, with deliberate intentions to either explore thinking or specify thinking