Advanced Cognitive CoachingSM


What is Advanced CC?

 After completing Cognitive Coaching Seminars® Foundation Parts 1 and 2 (Days 1-4 and 5-8), participants may opt to continue their learning by registering for Cognitive Coaching Seminars® Advanced Parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 and 2 are each three-days of training, offering the opportunity to enrich and extend foundational skills and increase understanding of effective coaching processes and applications in varied settings.

CC Advanced Seminars provide refinement and depth of learning for those desiring to achieve expert proficiency in Cognitive Coaching℠ and are highly supportive of those who wish to begin the pathway to becoming an in-district trainer.

Part 1 Outcomes

 By participating in this training, learners will:

  • Refine and extend core coaching capabilities and skills
  • Develop skills with advanced forms of paraphrasing, probing for specificity, and inquiring to mediate the thinking of others
  • Expand the possibilities of and applications for our identities as mediators
  • Frame personal coaching mastery as a journey, not a destination

Part 2 Outcomes

 By participating in this training, learners will:

  • Understanding of how the neurosciences inform coaching
  • Craftsmanship with the problem-resolving map
  • Automaticity with the pace
  • Increased capacity for coaching for deep structure
  • Mastery of the lead
  • Understanding and application of the tensions of holonomy
  • Skill in using the outcome structure with individuals and groups
  • Self-assessment and goal setting regarding one’s own States of Mind
  • Efficacy with all of the maps and tools of coaching